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Heat Shrinkable Tubing 127pcs 2:1 Black Shrink Tube Sleeving 18650 UK Stock

Type : PE heat shrink tube

Supplied internal diameter 2.0mm , 2.5mm , 3.5mm , 5.0mm , 7.0mm , 10.0mm , 13mm

Fully shrunk internal diameter : 1.0mm , 1.25mm , 1.75mm , 2.5mm , 3.5mm , 5mm , 6.5mm

Shrink ratio : 2:1 (will shrink to 1/2 its supplied diameter)

Material : Polyolefin

Minimum shrinkage Temp : +70

Full shrinkage Temp : +110C° maximum

Operating temperature : -55C°-125

Tensile strength : 10.4Mpa

Dielectric strength : 15kV/mm

Manufacture specification : ISO9001

Flammability : Flame retardant

Approvals : UL Approved

Supplied format ( round or flat ): product is supplied flat

Cutting method: Scissors or sharp knife

Color : black

Package content : 30pcs 2.0mm length 40mm black

                          25pcs 2.5mm length 40mm black

                          20pcs 3.5mm length 40mm black

                         20pcs 5.0mm length 40mm black

                        16pcs 7.0mm length 80mm black

                        8pcs 10.0mm length 80mm black

                        8pcs 13mm length 85mm black