14S 52V Green Lithium-ion Li-ion LiPo Battery Capacity Indicator LCD Display Remaining Detector Meter




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Model Type: Battery Capacity Indicator
Brand Name: Vruzend
Included Items: Connection cable, 4x mounting screws
Nominal Voltage: 51.8v
100% Maximum Voltage: 58.8v

This Battery Capacity Indicator is designed to text the voltage, current and capacity of a battery and display them with an intuitive battery symbol and percentage. It might be used on storage batteries, eBikes, eSkateboards, tools, measuring equipment, instuments and a host of other applications.

This specific device is pre-set for 14S Li-ion/LiPO battery detection - 51.8 Volts. We have many others for other pre-set voltages available. This meter can be reprogrammed for a range of voltages if you wish to do so (but at your own risk).

Application Specification

This is preconfigured for a 14S Lithium-ion battery, however, it is technically capable of metering:

Lead-acid battery: 12v, 24v, 36v and 48v
Lithium-ion batteries: 3 cells to 15 cells

The capacity meter is capable of measuring 3 to 15 cells in series (8 to 63v) and lead-acid batteries 12 to 48 volts. This meter is not suitable for LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries.


The meter provides a connector consisting of of plug, black line (negative) and red line (positive). Connect the black line to the negative terminal and the red line to the positive terminal of the battery you wish to measure. Note thast a few bms's (battery management systems) have a dedicated pair of cables for this connection.


Rear view:

Reprogramming for other voltages:

IMPORTANT: This is done entirely at your own risk. We cannot help if you get it wrong, thus we recomend you buy a dedicated, pre-configured meter for another voltage.



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