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20S 100A 72V BMS Li-ion Battery PCB electric scooter or motorcycle lithium 100A big discharge current and 15A charge current


Condition: New
Model Number: LLT-20S100A2
Operating Temperature: -25 TO 85 degree
Type: Voltage Regulator
Brand Name: LiRooter
Application: 20S lithium ion battery
Item : 72V 20S lithium ion battery BMS
Constant discharge current : 100A
Size: 102*138*8mm
Charge and discharge port: Charge and discharge port will be different
Application : 20S LiMn2o4 ,Lico2 ,NCM battery pack
Flexible design: can design for Max 28S li-ion battery
Balance function : with continuous balance function

This is The BMS for 20 series 72V  lithium battery pack( LiMn2o4 ,NCM,Lico2 battery ) with 100A constant discharge

current. and 15A constant charge current .

1S to 2S Li-ion Battery PCB;     3S 12V Lithium Ion Battery PCB   


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Functions and advantage

This BMS has such basic functions : over-charge protection ,over-dicharge protection, over-current protection ,

      short-circuit protection ,temperature detecting protection ,auotmatically voltage balance function .

This BMS was build with high end electronic components (High End IC and MOSFET ) ,simple structure

  design will let it have more stable quality working performance , Flexible application ( it can be used for less series battery

 by leaving some connection pins at empty status ),full set of protection measures let it works well without any infulence from

external unexpected accidents.