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6S 24V 45A BMS PCB Lithium battery 3.7V power protection board temperature

Range: nominal voltage is 3.6V, 3.7V lithium battery (including 18650, 26650, polymer battery).

Function: Overcharge protection function, over discharge protection function, over current protection function, short circuit protection function, battery balance management function, temperature protection function.

Temperature protection

The 3-6S is equipped with a mechanical temperature sensor, which can realize functions such as overcharge and discharge temperature protection, effectively improving the safety of battery use, and solving potential safety hazards caused by thermal runaway of batteries.

Zhongying Integrated Circuit Solution

The protection board responds accurately and sensitively, which has more advantages than traditional solutions, saves circuit space, and the parameters can be adjusted according to customer's customization to achieve the disconnection protection function.

Three proof paint

All circuits are coated with three anti-paints, which can effectively prevent electrostatic damage, prevent short circuits caused by humid environments, prevent air oxidation, and extend service life.

New Class A MOS

The use of AVIC MOS can ensure product quality, low internal resistance during discharge, and low temperature rise during long-term discharge, without affecting the output of the battery, making the control safer.

Strong heat dissipation

The heat sink is anodized, and the heat-conducting silica gel is cushioned to improve the heat dissipation efficiency. The structure is transparent and has a better temperature environment than the sealed type. Long-term discharge does not affect performance.

Send matching cable

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