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5S 50A 18V BMS Board/ 55A 3.7V Lithium battery protection board with Balance


Brand Name: Heltec Automation
Accessory Type: Battery Accessories

Product features:

 the lithium battery protection board uses a highly integrated intelligent lithium battery protection board integrated chip, the performance is better than the protective board composed of discrete chips. Can complete 3/4/5 string polymer lithium battery, ternary lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide battery charge and discharge protection, over current, short circuit, over temperature protection and equalization function. It adopts 4 milliohm ultra-low internal resistance MOS tube, which has low internal resistance and high efficiency. It is suitable for battery pack applications in different fields such as inverters, DC motors, power tools, and solar street lights. It is common to the same mouth and mouth, and has strong applicability. The protection board has a heat sink and a supply line.