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14S 52V 40A continuous lithium ion battery BMS UKstock 18650 Ebike E-bike li-ion

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Item specifics
  • Brand Name:RJXZS
  • Supply Voltage:48v
  • Type:Voltage Regulator
  • Dissipation Power:50
  • Package:TQFP
  • Condition:New
  • is_customized:Yes
  • Operating Temperature:-40-85
  • Model Number:PCM14S0540LIPH14
  • Application:li-ion battey cell

1) With balance

2) With Balance/Signal Cables;

3) With Temperature switch

4) The BMS charge and discharge ports are different;

5) Detection circuit (over-discharge, over-current , and load short circuit)








14S40A Double Two layers alloy Boards, 2 sides of FETs




1. Battery assembly notice before BMS installation:

Each cell must match well before BM installation (Battery internal resistance differences within 5 Milliohm, voltage within 0.03 V , capacity vary within 50 mAh). Lfepo4 cell, voltage between 2.6V~3.5V,Li-ion cell, voltage between 3~4V.

If the cells are full charged,please discharge them to the standard voltage range.Cell first parallel then series.

2. Connection instruction of BMS wires:

(a) Connect B- big short wire to battery general negative end( B-and Discharge port with multi-holes, you can use one large wire to connect one hole or several middle wires to connect each hole.)

(b) Connect signal/Balance wires: remove the balance wires from BMS before you assembly. Start from B-, first wire connect to B-,the second balance B1 wire connect to the first cell positive, B2 connect to second cell positive,balance wires soldering should be according to the order of B-,B1,B2,B3....B14

(c) Make sure all of the wires correct before you plug the connector into BMS:use multi meter to test each neighbouring series voltage ,if not, the BMS will burn.( Li-ion voltage less then 4V,Lifepo4 voltage less than 3.5V)

(d) Test the battery general negative voltage between battery general positive whether equal the total voltage.

(e) Plug the balance wires to BMS(plug low bit to high bit),  Connect wire to “ C-” connect large wire to "P-"   Connect TWO red wires (one same size match with C- for charge,one same size match with P- for discharge) to battery general positive end.  Test discharge total voltage again.

3. Battery charger usage:

Li-ion Battery pack use Li-ion charger voltage: Series x 4.2V

Lifepo4 Battery pack use Lifepo4 charger voltage:Series x 3.6V

Charge current is the battery capacity 0.2C