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12V7Ah 8Ah10Ah12Ah Replace lead-acid batteries for lithium black 25a pcb nickel

Selling Point (no battery)only case

12V7Ah 8Ah10Ah12Ah electric sprayer lithium battery special plastic waterproof case Appearance size: 65*94*150mm Internal dimensions: 60*80*146mm can hold 21 pcs 18650 you can choose the sku: case and holder(only case and holder) or black 25a pcb nickel(black case holder and 3s25a bms and nickel) or green 25a pcb nickel( green case holder and 3s25a bms and nickel) also can choose the 10a bms color: green black wihout battery .only show if you choose the case and holder only case and holder Please don't joke with me about this: one of the buyers said the battery was in the picture and I had to send it to him, not the case Again, this is a box, not a battery. We have a battery in the picture, just to show you how to weld it, and we have a hand, so should we still give someone away to the buyer?I'm sure most buyers will understand what I mean. We also made the video for the buyer to make lithium batteries.