7S 60A BMS 29.4V 7s power wall project Li-ion BMS PCB DIY ebike battery




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7S 60A BMS:
Weight : 105g
Size : 172*88*25mm
Voltage : 29.4V
Electricity : 60A

Direction for use
1.Check whether the product is in good condition before use.
2.Put it in the battery and use it when fully charged
Matters needing attention
★The 7S requires a 29.4v charger.
★Do not use it on metal table top, pay attention to insulation and do not short circuit.
★The charging current of each layer is not recommended to exceed 2a, otherwise the battery may generate heat (for example, if there is only one layer, choose 2a charger, and if there are two layers, choose 4a charger).
★Look at the circuit board with the battery orientation,and all the batteries cannot be staggered in the same orientation.
★Don't connect the power supply with the wrong positive and negative, there are signs on the circuit board, pay attention to observation.
★Product single circuit board option, excluding the battery in the photo.
★The list price is the price of a circuit board or a battery .


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